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The "things" you buy when you buy a "website"

posted Jul 7, 2016, 5:43 PM by Heidi Hendry
Let me explain...
When you buy a "website" or a "domain" from someone like CrazyDomains (a Registrar) usually you buy a bundle which includes:
Domain registration
DNS hosting
Website hosting.

Domain Registration: Purchase the domain so that no one else can buy it. Analogy: you bought a shop name but not the land or the building to put it on
Website hosting: Purchase the storage on the webserver to put your website files. Analogy: you bought a building to put the shop in, but there's no road to it.
DNS hosting: Purchase the right to put the domain on DNS servers so that people can find it. Analogy: you buy the road so that people can get to your building.
Website: Actually the website files. Analogy:  the shop fittings to make it attractive to visitors.

It is possible to buy these separately and sometimes you can get a cheaper deal if you do. But it's usually more convenient to have them all handled by the same company.
The other aspect of this is that registration and hosting expiry can differ, so it's possible to buy a domain for 1 year, and a website for 5 years, not realising that the domain has to be renewed every year.

Where I see messes, is when someone has asked their tech friend to help them out, and then later they ask me to help them because something has changed.

Sometimes this can get trickier because the tech friend has registered the domain, dns or website under their own name, and not the true owner's name. Domain transfer is a complicated business requiring proof of business ownership and lots of to-ing and fro-ing with the Registrar.

If your website hosting, domain or DNS is a mess, then contact me!