Top 6:
Work with 3rd party partners to track down a tricky situation for a joint customer 
Act as a dedicated rep for a handful of key customers to ensure their success using Zapier
Work with people to figure out if Zapier can solve a particular workflow or integration challenge they have 
Manage a support team
Find and recruit teammates for the support team 
Help train and onboard new support teammates 

Respond to 60+ support requests via email every day 
Dig through activity logs to troubleshoot a customer's broken Zap 
Write and maintain thousands of pages of help documentation 
Analyze thousands of support tickets to spot trends the product team can use 
Make Zap templates to help showcase the thousands of ways customers can use Zapier 
Ghostwrite documentation for partners to publish on their own sites
Run ticket review sessions to make sure tone is consistent across Zapier responses
Work with the product team to develop a new feature based on feedback from customers 
Scheduling shifts and collaborating as part of a growing cohesive support team 
Engage multiple users at once via chat to answer their questions and troubleshoot problems 
Respond to Zapier fans on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other 3rd party sites

I enjoy doing all of the above though, it was pretty hard to pick out my favourites.

Create video tutorials to help teach users a specific feature or use case
Recieve 20+ inbound phone calls per day and help them solve their issues
Help resolve billing issues for customers over the phone 

And to be clear, it's not that I would not do the 3 mentioned, but it's that I am more efficient with email, than with the phone, and I find creating videos tedious.